Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send/receive to/from any text capable device, regardless of carrier?

You can send and receive text messages to/from any text capable device including: cellular phones, tablets, digital signs, and pagers on any U.S. carrier.

Can I send to International Numbers?

Sorry, TxtPage Pro only supports North American phone numbers (U.S. & Canada).

Can I save my contacts like I do on my cellular phone? How many can I have?

Yes. You can save an unlimited number of contacts. All available from one web page.

Can I create contact groups?

Yes. You can create groups in your contact list and assign any number of contacts to that group.

Can I store messages or phrases to easily insert into my message?

You can have an unlimited number of pre-defined (canned) messages/phrases/sentences. One click will insert them into your outgoing message.

Can I divide my messages and contacts into separate groups?

Yes. You can create named 'Tabs' to create groupings and then assign canned messages and contacts to one or more tabs.